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  • Spanish & Learning Accommodation exams available
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  • Meets the Requirements for OSHA
  • Recognized by OSHA

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Cranes101 is proud to offer CIC Nationally Accredited Crane Operator Certification.
With affordable rates, fewer written exams, one Practical Exam for up to five certifications and test questions relevant to real-world job sites, CIC is the standard in certification.

Articulating/Knuckle Boom      --------------------------------------------------------------------    $1,395

Two Day Training w/Testing for Articulating Booms

Classroom Training:
Day One
Prepares one to take the 2 written tests to operate Articulating booms.

Day Two
2 Written Tests: General Knowledge/Articulating Booms 1 Practical Test: Articulating Booms

Telescoping Boom up to 21 tons      --------------------------------------------------------------    $1,395

Three Day Training w/Testing for Telescoping & Articulating Booms up to 21 tons

Classroom Training:
Day One and Two Prepares one to take the 2 written tests to operate a Telescoping Boom up to 21 tons.

Day Three 2 Written Tests: General Knowledge and Telescoping Boom up to 21 Tons

Telescoping Boom 21 to 75 tons      --------------------------------------------------------------    $1,795

Three Day Training w/Testing for mobile cranes up to 75 ton

Classroom Training:
Day one & Day two
Prepares one to take the 3 written tests to operate mobile cranes up to 75 ton.

Day Three 3 Written Tests: General Knowledge Telescoping Boom, 20 Tons or less Telescoping Boom 21 – 75 Tons

1 Practical Test: Mobile cranes up to 75 ton

Telescoping Boom over 75 tons & All Lattice Booms      ----------------------------------------    $2,195

All Mobile Cranes: Four Day Training w/Testing for All Telescoping & Lattice Booms

Classroom Training:
Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3
Prepares one to take the 6 written tests to operate all mobile cranes.

Day Four
6 Written Tests: General Knowledge, Telescoping Boom 20 Tons or less, Telescoping Boom 21–75 Tons, Telescoping Boom Over 75 Tons, Lattice Boom Carrier Mounted, Lattice Boom Crawler Mounted
1 Practical Test: All Telescoping, Crawler & Lattice Booms

Medium Mobile Hydraulic Introduction Crane Class and      ------------------------------------    $5,995
CIC under 75 Ton Nationally Accredited Crane Certificate

This 3 week Course is designed to teach the student how to operate Mobile Hydraulic Cranes under 75 Ton.

It will consist of both classroom and hands on training. You will also be taking your CIC Nationally Accredited Crane Certificate test for mobile hydraulic cranes under 75 ton. You will also receive your signalperson rigger certificate from Cranes101.


  • Includes training and materials for re-certification testing
  • Includes all CIC registration/testing fees for re-certification
  • Pricing based off what re-certification is needed
  • CIC Certified Operators
  • Non-CIC Operators (NCCCO, NCCER, OECP)
  • Special Abbreviated Re-Certification Tests
  • No Practical exam needed with proof of hours


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