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Tennessee River Walk

This week, President of Cranes101, Jay Sturm, spent some time in Chattanooga, TN. He was working on a consulting case for an accident investigation. But he managed to rustle up some down time, and spent it site seeing! While enjoying a stroll along the Tennessee River, he stumbled upon a Link Belt LS that was driving sheets onto the shore line. You can see the river boat int he background.

cranes101 lattice boom chattanooga

Here, Jay poses by the River tours. We’re glad our boss got to soak up some sun before returning to Massachusetts today where, of course, we’ll be having more snow tonight. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

jay cranes101 chattanooga


Until next time!

Congrats to CATS!

CATS logo Our picture of the week this week is dedicated to our sister company, Cranes Aerial Truck Service (CATS). This week, they reached their 20,000th inspection since opening in 2001. We are so proud of all the hard work they have put in over the years.

Our inspectors are the best in the business. They work 7 days a week, in the heat of the summer, frigid winter, before the sun comes up and long after the sun goes down. Our inspectors travel all over the country to provide thorough, honest, and efficient true third party inspections wherever our customers need us to go!

And of course, we can’t forget to congratulate the support team that is in the office, providing top of the line customer service to over 2,000 companies of all shapes and sizes; from municipalities, general contractors, delivery companies, steel erectors, concrete/precast, and of course, construction companies.

There’s nothing this team can’t handle.

For more information on having a third party inspection done, please call 866-788-7600. You’ll be glad you did!


World of Concrete: Truly an Experience


Jay booth WOC 020415

The new banner awarded us more visibility.

Last week, owner Jay Sturm, along with our Account Manager, Maria Sturm, headed to Las Vegas to attend the World of Concrete Exhibition. It was the first time our company ever attended WOC, and boy, were we in for a surprise!

Many hours of research went into planning this trip, and we were aware that our company might get lost in the crowd of booths and exhibits. Still, our expectations were high as we set forth to the sunny location.

While our fears of being overwhelmed were quickly recognized, Jay and Maria were not going to be ignored. They had traveled a long way and were anxious to begin making connections. A few lessons were learned during our debut appearance into the larger exhibitions. We realized very quickly that our booth needed more pizzazz, and during the slower times, the pair brainstormed on how to become more visible during these shows.

Fassi Gardens WOC 020315

Manufacturer Fassi had an eye-catching display!

The show was amazing, with construction equipment parked magnificently along the corridors of the hall, extended booms rising up towards to ceiling to welcome the attendees, and miles of unique new products and services from all over the country arranged within a few feet from one another. It truly was an experience.

When preparing for a show of this size, the event coordinator is commonly bombarded with offers to advertise in an array of different outlets. This can get overwhelming very quickly. There were offers to buy into ad placements on banners, pamphlets, digital screens, websites… it was never ending! While we made the decision to forgo these offers for our first run, it’s apparent that to be visible and gain higher traffic, you have to get very creative.

Jay Simulator WOV 020315

Jay Sturm tries out his Crane Operator skills on a crane simulator.


How can one small training company stick out in a sea of over-the-top displays? This is the question that our company will need to mull over for a while. But regardless of the lack of flash we may have contended with in the beginning, an invaluable resource was available during the show that cannot be replaced. The presence of Jay and Maria. Having those two available to meet and connect with others was priceless, and we’re happy to say that we made some promising connections in during those four days.

We look forward to returning to the World of Concrete next year, and have already begun working on a game plan. The goal is to always be learning, get out there and try something new. Until then!