Personnel Lift Safety Training

Personnel Lifts, Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts are covered in this class.

Certificate is awarded by Cranes 101

Material covered in this course:
  • Personnel Lift maneuvering
  • The mechanics of the Personnel Lift
  • Daily inspections Fuel/Electric storage
  • ANSI and OSHA standards
  • Safe practices Proper care and maintenance
  • Physics 101
Class procedures:
  • Oral presentation including Q/A
  • Film (covers operations and emergency procedures)
  • Hands on training (with your Personnel Lift)
  • Test
We Are:
  • Recognized by OSHA
  • Active on ASME code-writing committees
  • Experienced operators and technicians
  • Familiar with leading manufacturers
  • Members of numerous trade groups

Each student will receive a numbered wallet certificate of completion from Cranes 101. Each employer will receive a frame-able certificate for each employee that successfully completes this course.