AVAILABLE COURSES – Cranes101’s In Person Training

Live, In-person Heavy Equipment Training Courses with Cranes101

Cranes101’s expert instructors teach classes in a wide array of topics of interest to heavy equipment operators of all types. Perhaps you’re looking to host a class for employees on-site at your workplace? Maybe you’d like to join up with an existing class near you? Perhaps you’re local or an avid traveler and would like to come to our Massachusetts headquarters. No matter how and where, we look forward to providing you with the training you need. Truly, we are thrilled to help you and your staff operate your cranes, forklifts, personnel lifts, and other heavy equipment safely and effectively.

If you’re a signalperson or rigger, or looking to become one, Cranes101 also has classes to help! With our classes, you can get and stay up to date on your OSHA safety requirements and local licensing.

We offer courses specific to professionals in a wide arrange of industries, including construction workers, arborists, locomotive / train, marine, and more. We are thrilled to offer third party heavy equipment inspections whenever they’re needed, too. And part of our mission is to help train operators to do their own daily inspections. Our inspection training courses train them to do just that.

Want an “available course”, but don’t see the one you need listed?

If you don’t see a course that specifically serves your needs, please, reach out to us directly. Usually, we can often work with you to create exactly the course you’re looking for, especially when it is for multiple employees at your workplace. Our available courses as listed represent just a small portion of our expertise, and are based on what industry professionals have sought training with us for in the past.

We are always on the cutting edge of industrial safety, and are proud to be on the committees that write the standards that all industry professionals then use when creating and implementing their training programs. Always keep in mind, if there is a way any of the members of our wide, varied industry could use help keep workers safe, we are happy to answer the call and create the necessary safety training program.

Looking for a certain available course? Want our help creating a new one to suit your needs?
Please contact us using this form, and note that you can write whatever you’d like in the “which class?” question.


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