July 2023 Accidents Report

We at Cranes101 know from experience that many job-site accidents are the result of a lack of training and equipment failure. Don’t let that happen to you and your employees.  Sign up for training or schedule your next inspection. But first, read on for the July 2023 accidents.

Lucky escape

This article was originally published on July 3 on Vertikal.net.

A man escaped serious injury after coming into contact with overhead power lines in Atlanta, Georgia, last week.

The incident occurred on Thursday in Lawrenceville on the north east side of Atlanta. A bystander called the emergency services after witnessing the incident in which the Skyjack boom touched the wires and appeared to catch fire.

The local Fire department said: “Upon arrival, fire crews found a boom lift with obvious damage that was in contact with high powered powerlines but no active fire. Firefighters contacted the lift operator via cell phone to identify any injuries and any additional information about the lift. Fire crews found the lift was in contact with the powerlines confirming there was no power to lower it.”

“The firefighters contacted Georgia Power to secure the powerlines. Upon investigation of the scene, firefighters found damage to one of the apartment units from the power surge that ran down an extension cord to one of the outlets in the apartment. Fire crews ensured the apartment unit was clear of any fire and secured power to that unit. Once the powerlines were secured, firefighters utilised their aerial truck to raise the ladder with a bucket and extricate the operator from the lift.”

“Medical crews on the scene evaluated the lift operator who refused medical treatment. Firefighters turned the scene over to the apartment maintenance and Georgia Power to repair the powerline and lower the boom lift.”

Two workers fall 20 feet in San Pedro construction crane accident

This article is reprinted from CBS News on July 18, 2023. The original link also has a video about the incident.

Two people working in a construction crane to dismantle a San Pedro billboard frame fell 20 feet just before noon Tuesday as the crane equipment somehow failed. The two were taken to a hospital for treatment.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reported the accident around 11:30 a.m. near the 110 Freeway offramp, where the billboard frame is connected to a pedestrian bridge over Gaffey Street.

SkyCal was overhead at noon and captured images of an empty, damaged crane box and fire crews were still at the accident. site.

LAFD reported that a technical rescue was canceled as the two workers were not trapped in the crane box.

The exact cause of the crane accident is not known at this time. Supervisor Janice Hahn wrote on her Twitter page, “Praying that both workers who were injured will be ok,” Their condition is also not known.

Los Angeles city leaders, representing San Pedro have long fought for the billboard’s removal, calling it an eyesore and a public safety issue.

Operator hurt in crane overturn

This article is reprinted from vertikal.net originally published on July 18, 2023.

A crane overturned in a parking lot in Brücken, Germany on Saturday injuring the operator.
It seems that the four axle All Terrain crane had just installed or was preparing to remove its counterweight when it went over backwards. From the photo we were sent, it looks as though partial outrigger extension may be to blame. The classic pose has the fully retracted main boom full elevated over the side without both outriggers extended.

The boom just missed two cars, so that the damage we limited to the crane, and fortunately the only person hurt was the operator, who was taken to hospital with only minor injuries.

The fire department quickly handled the spilt oil and fuel.

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