November 2021 Accidents Report

Operator training and equipment inspections are key to preventing job-site accidents.  Sign up for training or schedule your next inspection. But first, read on for the November 2021 accidents we’re reprinting here.

Spider overturn

This article was originally published on November 10, 2021 on

Photo credit: Hoover Fire Department

A man was badly injured when the spider lift he was using overturned on a job in Alabama, USA.

The man was part of a team clearing tree limbs from around overhead power lines, in the town of Hoover, near Birmingham, Alabama on October 20th. The ground was reported to have given way under one of the outriggers as the platform was boomed out, causing the machine to roll down a road side embankment.

The 28 metre CMC92HD+ had tracked along the very edge of a steep roadside verge and set the two load side outriggers up on the sloped bank, but one of them appears to have sunk in the soft ground causing the machine to lose stability and overturn.

The man was taken to hospital where he was reported to be in a stable condition.

Injured worker in crane rescued from a height of 70m at Beach Road construction site

This article written by Kok Yufeng is reprinted from the Straits Times, published on November 13, 2021. More pictures and videos can be found at the link.

SINGAPORE – A man who injured his leg while working 70m above the ground in a crane was rescued by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers on Friday evening (Nov 12).

Specialists from SCDF’s elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (Dart) and firefighters from the Central Fire Station were alerted at about 8.45pm and deployed to a construction site in Beach Road.

As the injured worker could not climb down from the crane to safety, two firefighters, including one who was trained as an emergency medical technician, climbed up a cat ladder to reach him.

For those interested in what Cooper said in the video, he told 22News he said, “I’m so glad I recorded thi

They found the worker lying on a platform, SCDF said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Suspecting that the worker had broken his leg, the firefighters bandaged and immobilised the leg as they waited for the Dart officers to start the rescue operation.

Two Dart officers climbed up the crane to set up a lowering system comprising ropes and pulleys, while a separate Dart team prepared to receive the worker on the ground.

One of the two Dart officers had also attached himself to a stretcher that was used to lower the injured worker, who was later assessed by an SCDF ambulance crew and taken to Singapore General Hospital.

SCDF said the stretcher was lowered using a power ascender – a specialised, portable and battery-operated device – to accelerate the rescue operation.

AT overturn in Germany

This article was reprinted from, published on November 6, 2021.

An All Terrain crane overturned last Tuesday after lifting a large electrical mast/pole/pylon in Schlaitdorf, south west Germany.

The four axle Grove from the Armbruster Kran fleet, was lifting the eight tonne, 18 metres long mast from a narrow single track road with minimal counterweight, short rigged outriggers and large ground mats bridging the road verge and the grass. It looks as though the load side outrigger mats sunk into the grass, causing them to tilt (the inner edge of the mats was on the road) the crane then appears to have shifted a little on its base, which looks to have caused the outrigger beams to retract, resulting in a loss of stability.

The crane operator, 52, suffered minor injuries after being trapped in his cab for a while, but managed to free himself after a short period. The crane was later recovered, while a ruptured fuel tank caused a minor spillage.

Incorrect set up or ground conditions likely caused it to overturn,

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