October 2022 Industry Resources

Check out these articles we found for our October 2022 Industry Resources roundup.

He was intoxicated on beer, cocaine when he fell: Can he collect workers’ compensation?

This Safety News Alert article delves into the worker’s compensation claim, the resulting court case, and the reasoning behind the decision. It may surprise you!

How to Combat the Dangers of Workplace Complacency

Workers feeling complacent in their duties can potentially lead to dangerous situations, so this OH&S Online article shows you what to look out for and how to support your employees.

Today’s Lesson: Wake Up and Pay Attention

This TCIA Mag article is a good follow-up to the previous one, but from the worker’s point of view.

Survey asks contractors how safety management in construction is evolving

This article from Safety & Health Magazine summarizes a survey done to find out how contractors use technology to enhance safety. Our Safety Management Portal can help you get in on the trend, with many free features!

A look at OSHA’s Multi-Employer Citation Policy

One more article from Safety & Health Magazine, this goes in-depth as to how this policy works for job-sites with multiple entities working on them in the case of an incident.

We hope you find this October 2022 Industry Resources roundup post helpful. If you find an article you’d like us to include for next month’s post, please contact heather@cranes101.com with the information. Please be sure to check our calendar for upcoming classes in your area.

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